The Three Oarsman

Added on by Julio Labra.

I've recently been intrigued with the idea of people holding things above their heads. Three men wade through calf deep water while holding a small boat above their heads. The first man is leading the way but blinded the bow of the boat, the second man looks out from under the boat to observe the destination, and the man at the stern uses both arms to carry most of the boats weight. 

This image has become a metaphor for the journey I've made through the last year of graduate school. I've felt like I was wandering through new territory with only a small idea of where I was going. Like most artist I was searching for a direction to take my practice. Sometimes it felt like I would take the harder route (instead of getting in the boat I would rather walk and carry the thing). I've title the piece S.S. Sisyphus to recall the pointless labors of Sisyphus. Most of the time while I search for an image to create it feels like pointless nonsense, and I was glad to represent how it felt to me through this painting. Each figure is a self portrait of different perspectives I took while figuring out what to paint (a struggle that will hopefully continue till I die).

This will be making it's way into a larger piece shortly.